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Shelly Devlin


       “Enjoy the journey” is only one of her favorite quotes that roll off of Shelly’s tongue. As the founder, Educational Director, and INSPYR-a-tion Coach of the salon, Shelly’s mission is to have client’s look and feel amazing after visiting the Water’s Edge Salon and Spa. Her vision is for clients to feel warmth as soon as they walk through the door. Stylists are with their clients through all the important things in their life, from the good to the bad….weddings, births, graduations, sickness and death. We are by their side for the complete circle of life. Shelly feels it is much more meaningful than just being a hairdresser, it’s a heartfelt companionship!
     Shelly's ambition came by the warm energy of her mom and by the hard work ethic of her dad. She started the salon in a small space of 300 square feet in 1990 at the young age of 23. The second relocation grew to 1500 sq. ft. in 1995, in 2000 she moved the salon to a 3000 sq. ft. location, and in 2010 she found the perfect house to be our home. In 2016, she handed the “Ownership” title to long time Manager, Business Partner and Friend, Sheri McCall-Gayer.
    Shelly has been traveling the world as a National platform artist  since 1999. She inspires others through her long hair designs as well as creative cutting and styling. Her talent has been featured in multiple publications and magazines including front covers of Canadian Hairdresser magazine, Modern Salon magazine, and HOT magazine.  Her stage work is her forum to share technique and successful business ideas with other salon professions.
     Her mind never slows with ideas for her clients, the beauty industry and herself. "If it's not broken, break it and make it better!"..."If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."..."Love what you do, Love who you do it with, and Love who you do it for!"

And now the launch of her Memoir!

"As the Chair Turns...Untangling the meaning of life" will launch in July 2020

Enjoy The Journey!

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